PICS: Avenged Sevenfold at Petco Park

It'd be easy to get overshadowed while opening a tour for Metallica, but Avenged Sevenfold more than held their own at Petco Park on Sunday, Aug. 6.

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Alex Matthews
Indeed, Metallica wasn’t the only band bringing the thunder to downtown’s stadium – Avenged Sevenfold pummeled the massive crowd right before Hetfield and Co. took the stage.
Alex Matthews
Sometimes abbreviated as A7X, the band plays a unique brand of heavy metal that incorporates different styles like metalcore, prog-metal and hard rock. However you’d categorize it – they rule!
Alex Matthews
The band got their start in 1999 right up the road in Huntington Beach, California!
Alex Matthews
Their current lineup is vocalist M. Shadows (left), rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance, lead guitarist Synyster Gates (middle), bassist Johnny Christ and drummer Brooks Wackerman (right).
Alex Matthews
To date, they’ve sold more than 8 million albums worldwide and were ranked No. 47 on Loudwire’s list of the Top 50 Metal Bands of All Time. (Bassist Johnny Christ pictured)
Alex Matthews
Avenged Sevenfold released their debut album, “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet,” in 2001 while the band members were still in their late teens and in high school.
Alex Matthews
They’ve released six more studio albums since then, with last year’s “The Stage” their latest – and their first concept album (it’s about artificial intelligence).
Alex Matthews
Their 2010 album, “Nightmare,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart – their first No. 1 debut. They’d hit that monumental mark again with their next album, 2013’s “Hail to the King.”
Alex Matthews
The current Metallica tour isn’t the first time they’ve shared the stage with the metal juggernauts – they both played the Orion Music + More Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2012; and also played U.S. Bank Stadium together in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Aug. 20, 2016.
Alex Matthews
During the Petco Park show, they played a nine-song set list.
Alex Matthews
Their set included the following songs: “The Stage,” “Afterlife,” “Hail to the King,” “Almost Easy,” “Buried Alive”…
Alex Matthews
Which then led into an epic Wackerman drum solo. Afterward, the band finished off the set with “Bat Country,” “Nightmare,” “God Damn,” and “Unholy Confessions.”
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