Photos: NBC 7 Walked Through Apple TV+'s ‘Severance' Activation Exhibit at Comic-Con

NBC7's Brooke Martell takes us through the highly popular activation of Severance which showcases several key aspects of the popular series.

Apple+TV's "Severance" activation at Comic-Con is bringing the popular series to life. The entire experience mimics what orientation is like at Lumon, the company featured in the show. Along the way, group members will be immersed in several plotlines from the TV series with actors guiding them through each room and experience. Take a look at the recap below to see what it's like.

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As attendees get ready to walk through the Severance activation, they're greeted with this welcome sign to Lumon's orientation. But, before they got to that point, they had to sign in and take a picture.
Once you get into the conference room, Mark S will speak to you over the speaker. He welcomed the newest "employees" to Lumon. It was a little eerie because no one else was in the room yet, but that quickly changed. An actor, playing a Lumon employee walked through the door and gave each group member a name. NBC7's Brooke Martell was a part of the group and given the name Sloane S. It's how the characters in the TV series are also identified, just by their first name with an abbreviated last name.
As the rest of the group continued on through the sterile hallways of Lumon, a group of three, including NBC7’s Brooke Martell, was sent to the “Break Room.”
Here a Lumon supervisor was continuously instructing the employee across from him to read and repeat the creed projected in front of him.
Once the group was all reunited, they were led into the “Wellness Room.” This is where one group member was gestured to sit down in the chair across from the Lumon employee. The employee recited facts and information about that group member, intended to soothe her, but also could not be repeated outside of the Wellness Room. Before being excused to the next room, each group member was given a Lumon pin.
"Wellness Room" continued
Following a brief stop in the security room, the tour through Lumon continued to the “Smile Room.” Pictures of full-tooth smiles covered the walls. The Lumon employee makes references and jokes about the different smiles around the room.
Next up, it’s time to get to work and see the office! This is the main set-up with four computers. Each desk has a picture of the respective Lumon employees who sit there. At the desk you’ll also find erasers, notebooks, and finger cuffs.
The two employees in the room directed the group to tightly squeeze into frame for a group picture. It was a funny moment and a printout of the picture was available after the activation concluded.
Once the opposing doors swung open, the group was told, “see you at work in the morning.” Then employees gave each person of the group photo that was taken in the office – just like the ones placed on each desk!
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