Phony Products That Promise to Heal

If it isn't approved by the FDA, don't buy it.

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Healing gels that claim to stop swine flu in its tracks. Herbal teas, that keep the virus from infecting your family. Shampoos, gloves, air sterilizers, all of them claiming to protect you from swine flu.

They're the many products that have popped up on the Internet ever since the virus began spreading around the world.   "It's really scary knowing that you can die from it, and little kids are dying everyday from it," said parent Kristal Rubio. 

She is like many parents who are afraid of swine flu. According to the Food and Drug Administration, she's the customer some companies are hoping to prey on with phony swine flu products on the Internet.

The FDA is cracking down on those companies that claim to protect people from swine flu. So far, 140 have been identified.

And letters have been sent to at least 75 manufacturers, who haven't been approved by the FDA.

"I think it's particularly despicable when these scam artists come out of the woodwork,"said San Diego Better Business Bureau VP Eva Casey-Velasquez.

She's not surprised, some companies are preying on people's fears to make money.

"We saw it back with Anthrax, we've seen it with other epidemics, they start making promises because people are afraid and they want to get something,"Casey-Velasquez said.

The FDA has also issued a warning after finding fake Tamiflu being sold on line.

Eva says it's an example of how phony products can turn into deadly products.

"They have a false sense of security that they've taken the steps to prevent getting sick, and they could get sick."  The FDA is asking consumers to report any suspicious products they find on the Internet.

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