Pedicab Death Sparks Call for New Rules

Police have arrested a pedicab driver after a tourist fell from his pedal-powered vehicle and died.

23-year-old Sukru Safa Cinar was arrested Tuesday, Assistant Police Chief Guy Swanger said. Cinar is a Turkish resident in the U.S. on a work visa.

Police say Cinar was weaving in an area marked for pedestrians when 60-year-old Sharon Miller slipped from the pedicab and struck her head on the ground Saturday. She was taken to a hospital and declared brain dead Sunday. Her family was keeping her on life support pending organ donation.

Cinar's pedicab did not have required seatbelts.

New stricter pedicab regulations will soon come before the city council members say they are needed more than ever.

"We have to find a way to truly regulate this industry so that it's not only a productive part of the tourism industry and the economy here in San Diego but it's also safe," councilman Tony Young said.

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