Pay As You Drive?

Survey seeks participants

Getty Images/David McNew

A nationwide survey comes to San Diego County.  The question -- would you be willing to replace the current per-gallon gas tax with one based on the mile you drive?
San Diego County is one of six in the nation selected to participate in the Road User Survey, the North County Times reported. The $16 million two-year research project conducted by the University of Iowa.

The survey is seeking more than 200 local drivers who are willing to have tracking computers installed in their vehicles for nine months.  Participants will receive fake bills in the mail that would tally their miles driven and assign them a cost, the paper reported.

Survey officials said the idea is to better understand whether drivers would go for a system of individual responsibility for the cost of building and repairing the nation's highways and bridges.

The survey is accepting applicants through Nov. 17. For more information, visit the project's Web site at or call (866) 363-1975.

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