Palm Springs Tram: Free Admission Military Days

Members of the United States Armed Forces are invited to enjoy the famous conveyance for free in July.

VENTURING TO MOUNTAIN STATION? It's on the minds of many people when the thermometer reads 110 degrees, or more, around Palm Springs. But a short drive to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and then a ride up, up, up to Mountain Station, which is notably cooler than the toasty valley floor below, is just the ticket when summer, and those summery temperatures, arrive. But there's another reason that should invite visitors up to Mount San Jacinto State Park when July arrives, and it is this: Members of the United States Armed Forces, be they active, or former members, or now retired, are invited to board the famous, view-laden tram for free. And that's not on just one day alone, but for...

THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY: "For over a decade, Military Days has been our way of saving 'Thank you' to the dedicated men and women of the United States Armed Forces — along with their friends and family," said Nancy Nichols, the VP for Sales & Marketing. "We are delighted to welcome them back again this July." Do note that "(s)pouses of deployed military members, as well as widows," may also take part in the Military Days promotion. As for the "friends and family" part of the deal? The tram'll give up to six of your guests 25% off their tram ticket. As for what you can do once you reach Mountain Station? There's food for sale, and beverages, and those truly sweeping views of Palm Springs, and opportunities to join natures walks, for free, with a guide at the helm, every weekend day through Labor Day Weekend. Plus? That cooler clime at the top is a lovely change of pace from the hottest of afternoons below. Just be sure to bring your military identification for your free admission.

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