Padre Gets “Prank” Call on Live Radio

Listening to Adrian Gonzalez taking calls on XX1090AM Wednesday, you might have heard an interesting caller. According to one blogger, someone named "Phil" called in professing his love for the Padres 1st baseman. After a few minutes of polite conversation, Adrian stops the discussion by revealing the caller is really teammate Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Here's the link to listen to the exchange, or you can read the play-by-play below.

Phil: You've been very successful umm in baseball your whole career and I just love watching you, I mean you are super baseball player
Adrian: I appreciate that.
Phil: Umm you was gay pride day, did you celebrate it today?
Adrian: Huh? No, of course not.
Phil: I know you're married but I'd like to get your side on Proposition 8.
Adrian: Well you know I was raised Catholic and I'm a Christian person so my beliefs are there.
Phil: Yeah so... I'm from a family of five, you know my brothers... and I was the only one that turned out gay --
Edgar: It's Kouz.

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