Pack Your Patience San Diego

Bad weather in other parts of the country forced more airlines to delay or cancel dozens of flights in and out of Lindbergh Field Saturday. The travel problems come on the last weekend before the Christmas Holiday.

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Southwest was hit particularly hard Saturday.  Lindbergh Field's website showed 39 delays at 1:30 p.m.

Ashley Rogers from Southwest Airlines said the harsh winter weather in different parts of the country also caused backups around the country Friday.  She recommended travelers call before going to the airport to check flight status and check-in online.  "Also make sure you pack a lot of patience because travel during the holidays is always busy," said Rogers. 

Eva Chayet of Chayet Travel in La Jolla said people need to stay connected online if possible.

"You can try to call the airline but it's very rare that you will get through because thousands of people are trying to call at the same time," said Chayet.  She said those who purchased tickets through a travel agent can ask their help with alternative routes. 

There's little most people can do. "It's mother nature and the airlines don't have to change your flight plans until the very last minute," she said.

This week could see even more problems as people head out for the holidays. Forecasters say the next storm is due to arrive in San Diego overnight on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Day looks to be blustery, cold and wet.  The storm could stick around right into Friday.

Chayet believes this year's travel problems will be exacerbated by the fact that airlines have reduced the amount of flights due to economic cutbacks, which means companies have less flexibility to handle delays or cancellations.

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