Omni La Costa: Limited-Time Deal

Have designs on a resort getaway before the year wraps? There's a way to do just that (and save, too).

DREAMING OF A SPLASHY SUMMER WEEKEND... spent at a pool-pretty, spa-super, golf-ready resort? Such daydreams are something of a classic winter-to-springtime tradition, if you've planned your trip months in advance and are counting the days before you can finally pack your suitcase. But travelers are permitted to enjoy daydreams in the warmest season, too, about fall hotels, and dips in the pool on sunshiny autumn afternoons, and getaways that happen after summer leaves but before the holidays fully rev up. In short? Fall hotel specials flower quite frequently, too, and there's no between-season-ing about them, though the discounts and deals of fall can have an attractive air of between-season-ing for those guests hoping to have fun but still save ahead of the holidays. 

OMNI LA COSTA RESORT & SPA... understands the traveler's longing to A) daydream in summer about fall weekends away and B) find a deal to make that getaway a possibility. So, for a limited time, there is a chance to book a room between Aug. 31, 2017 and the very last day of the year — hello, New Year's Eve — and save 30% on the cost. Is this a select-date kind of thing? It is, as the big window of savings might imply, so check and see if your dream dates are covered. There are eight pools at the Omni La Costa, and fire pits to unwind by, and golfing opportunities, and spa-relaxing opportunities, and restaurants like Bob's Steak & Chop House and Bistro 65 should you want your resort days to be full (though, of course, not too full).

THE MOST IMPORTANT DATE... at the moment, though? Your book-it-quick deadline. That's Tuesday, Aug. 15, so pull out your calendar, consult your co-adventurer, and jumpstart your autumn daydreams at once.

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