Old Movies Get Raves Under the Stars

Popular outdoor theater thrives under the moonlight with movie classics that never get old.

Chances are you probably saw the movie Chinatown in a small movie theater way back when, but one neighborhood theater is offering the Faye Dunaway, Jack Nicholson classic from the 70's in the fresh air of the outdoors.

Cinema Under the Stars is an intimate outdoor theater in Mission Hills.  Its new fall schedule begins Oct. 9.

The lineup also includes The Birds, Young Frankenstein and The Big Lebowski.

Moviegoers sit in ergonomic lounge chairs  under heat lamps  or in a cabana on a cozy love seat.

And to add to the friendly feel, it's located in the back patio of Doug Yeagley's hair salon.

A movie buff and hair stylist Yeagley manages to combine both passions-movie buff and hair stylist- in one place. He delights the audience at the movie shows with his Asian gong.

"When I hit the gong the vibe goes through people and they become an audience." he once told the San Diego Union Tribune.

According to the seating chart there is room for 60 people. There are also cafe tables and chairs with ottomans if you prefer. The theater is open Thurs-Sun. 

Reservations can also be made online .


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