Offspring of Famous TV Personality Says “The Darndest Things”

North County teenager sings in TOSCA

A North County girl who has inherited some famous genes is among the children singing in the San Diego Opera's production of TOSCA. 

Thirteen-year-old Sophia Linkletter plays a singing alter boy and joins others around her age in the sophisticated thriller at the San Diego Civic Theater. Sophia told the La Jolla Light that she and the other children had "to sing a one-minute song of our choice for the audition. I had done my homework. My family attends the opera so I was familiar with the story, and I had watched the DVD and listened to Italian CDs. I'm so excited to be in the show."

The family she is talking about includes her great-grandfather Art Linkletter, the celebrated TV personality of two of the longest-running shows in the U.S. -- "House Party" and "Kids Say The Darndest Things."

"He's awesome," Sophia says. "I cherish the advice". 

Sophia just finished filming a "Webisode" with Paramount Pictures and Will Ferrell. She'll start work on a movie in L.A. next month according to columnist Diane Bell.  

TOSCA runs through Feb. 4 at the San Diego Civic Theatre.

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