Obama's Speech Inspires San Diegans

Challenge, unity, recovery and responsibility were the overriding themes of the new president's inaugural address. How are San Diegans responding to the message?

Obama's rhetoric sounded anything but empty. It was full of bold imagery and soaring analogies sweeping from the distant past through recent history.

"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility, a recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world," Obama said.

It seems to have hit home in a lot of local hearts and minds.

"For him to kind of reach back in history and inspire us to keep the American Dream alive, I guess -- and this being proof of that -- is inspiring," Bankers Hill resident Aaron Rodebaugh said. "And I hope it inspires people who didn't vote for him."

Who knows how many of them were in the midst of the millions on the National Mall on Tuesday? Either way, everyone has a lot riding on the new administration and its dealings with Congress and the courts, not to mention the world at large -- which Obama indicated that he wants to engage more fully.

"I think it's what's necessary," Mission Hills resident Celeste Mills said. "And I have a vision of a global world, not just a strong United States but a partnership with all countries."

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes," said Niki Jones of City Heights.  "In order for him to do his job, we have to do our job, pretty much.... It's all going to come in time. We have to be patient. It's on its way."

Whatever reached the eyes and ears of the beholders, it adds up to hope and confidence -- the new president begins his term with the usual political honeymoon, which, in his case, may be sustained for longer than most.

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