Nude “Outcall” Fees, Library Fines May Skyrocket

San Diego is a step closer to some draconian fee hikes that would increase everything from the cost of a stripper for your future brother-in-law's bachelor party to the fines on library books.

The City Council's Budget and Finance Committee voted 4-1 Tuesday to forward the proposals to the full City Council.

So what's on the table? Businesses running outcall nude entertainment would see permit costs more than quintuple, from $2,800 to $15,702. Daily library fines could increase a nickel, up to 30 cents, and those poor schmucks operating pedicabs will now need to ride a little farther; their permits would rise from $25 to $40.

Also being considered are increases in park & rec fees for everything from pool rentals to mooring permits to youth athletic league registrations.

Not everybody likes the idea.

"My concern is that we're here today to raise revenue because of the city's budget deficit, and we are doing it through the approach of nickeling and diming San Diego residents and businesses to death," Councilman Carl DeMaio said.

Officials estimate that the additional revenue sources could raise more than $2.5 million for the police department alone.


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