Not Angelina Jolie’s Beauty Secret


One local writer is offering a stinging take on eating jellyfish at a local restaurant.

"Who’da thunk it? Jellyfish, the stinging, unlovely, gelatinous, pint-size bogeyman of the sea, is something you can order in a restaurant," Peggy Gartin posts on San Diego Met Blogs, "Furthermore, some people do. Weirdos like me, for instance."

One local eatery offering the delicacy is the Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant Phuong Trang in Kearny Mesa. Gartin had a few reservations prior to ordering. 

"That jellyfish I stepped on in Gulf Shores, Ala., was not something I’d want in my mouth.... It felt like a condom. I’m NOT eating a condom," she wrote.

The actual jellyfish was actually a bit anticlimactic; the dish was a winner, but the jellyfish itself was "a rather bland sea creature with almost no identifiable taste."

Gartin said she's now looking to try a nice plate of blowfish.


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