Nortec Collective Member Hurt at Airport

We here at SoundDiego were looking forward to an in-studio performance by Nortec Collective's Bostich + Fussible on Tuesday night. Our plan was to shoot the performance and share it with you in anticipation of their show on Dec. 2 at the Casbah. Regretfully, the studio performance has been cancelled due to rather bizarre circumstances.

The group returned to the Tijuana International Airport Monday after a flight in from Mexico City. According to the Pepe Mogt's tweets (@nortec_fussible), the band had enjoyed themselves in the Capitol city, thanking the crowd for "rocking the floor" and saying how they were looking forward to sunrise in Tijuana.

Click here to see video of their weekend performance.

What happened next isn't clear. "Para evitar rumores," Mogt tweeted in Spanish on Tuesday. "To avoid rumors, it's true -- today at the airport, Panoptico arrived and without warning, came from behind me and hit me in the head, the (Federalis) took him away."

According to Wikipedia, Roberto Mendoza was a founding member of Nortec Collective but separated in 2007 to pursue solo endeavors. He performs under the name "Panoptico." In responses to concerned family, friends and fans, it appears there may be unsettled feelings and legal action between Panoptico and Bostich + Fussible.

"When ethics don't exist, they attack from behind; it's their nature," Pepe tweeted.

A Nacional Records label representative briefly discussed the cancellation of the SoundDiego shoot.

"I think he will be all right, but his health comes first, so we all want to be very careful," the spokesman said in an e-mail to

On the other side of the argument, Mendoza has taken to Nortec Panoptico Orquestras Facebook page, posting a photo of his medical receipts and X-rays of his broken hand and arm. His caption roughly states, "It's true we got in a fight, but as always there's lies in their statement. The truth is I have the broken arm and fingers because of the way the band's staff hit me. After three years of accusations and lies, it will no longer be tolerated, but that's all I'm gonna say because you wash the laundry at home."

At this point, no tour dates should be affected.

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