Nominees Predict Music Awards: Album of the Year

Who better to predict the big winners of the 2019 SDMAs than the nominees themselves?

With the 2019 San Diego Music Awards right around the corner (the annual ceremony takes place at House of Blues on Monday, March 11), we decided to have a conversation with a few of this year's nominees about their predictions on the upcoming award show's biggest categories. After all, who better to make the call on possible winners than some of the very same folks who could possibly take home trophies this year? Now up for discussion: Album of the Year (check out previous picks for Best New Artist, Best Live Performer and Song of the Year).


  • Earthless - "Black Heaven"
  • Hot Snakes - "Jericho Sirens"
  • Jason Mraz - "Know"
  • Peter Sprague & Randy Phillips - "Sparks and Seeds"
  • P.O.D. - "Circles"
  • Planet B - s/t
  • Slightly Stoopid - "Everyday Life Everyday People"

Larry Doran (whose band, Trouble in the Wind, is nominated for Best Country/Americana and Best Country/Americana Album): Earthless, "Black Heaven." Easily my favorite pick in this category. That record is dense with dirty psyche rock and they know how to do it right. Plus, [drummer] Mario Rubalcaba slays.

Parker Edison (whose group, the Parker Meridien, is nominated for Best Hip-Hop/Rap and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album): Planet B, self-titled. They’ve received write-ups from other magazines. They are constantly doing high-end shows and their work with Kool Keith has led to them doing production on his follow-up project. That’s a big deal.

Shane Hall (nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter): Hot Snakes, "Jericho Sirens." I get really excited when I hear or make music that balances grit and beauty, that is wild yet deliberate -- this record has a "sound"! And that is what it is all about! It’s special and is listenable; for me, it’s not just about laying down fire, it’s creating an archivable work. This band walked the line and came out on top!

Veronica May (nominated for Best Pop Album): Jason Mraz, "Know."

Ramona Sage (whose band, Mittens, is nominated for Best Pop): Hot Snakes, "Jericho Sirens." Not just for the sake of nostalgia growing up in the San Diego music scene, but also because this album rules.

SoundDiego's Pick: Hot Snakes, "Jericho Sirens."

Stay tuned to for further selections in our series of round-table discussions with 2019 San Diego Music Award nominees.

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