Nobody Talks About Pillow Fight Club

There are seven rules of Pillow Fight Club, and you need to know all of them to get your feather on this weekend in downtown San Diego.

Opponents will face off at Horton Plaza on Saturday shortly before 6 p.m. near the water fountain to practice the new sweet, yet soft, science. April 4 is International Pillow fight Day, organizers say -- we can't vouch for that; everything about this seems a bit fluffy -- according to the event listing.

"On our last fight, we had a couple headaches, a twisted ankle and a downtown full of amused bar-goers, police officers, families and friends," the poster said. "This is an all-ages deal where the youngest was under 5 years old and the oldest was well over 50."

Whatever you do, never forget PFC Rule No. 3: If someone whines, has no pillow or has a camera, you cannot hit them.

The bruises and battered will assemble at the Ruby Room afterward to lick their wounds.

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