New Questions Raised in Pendleton Murder

Family of August Provost still suspects his killing at a Camp Pendleton guard shack was an anti-gay hate crime

A Navy Seaman killed during an apparent ambush at Camp Pendleton will be buried Friday in his hometown of  Houston, TX,  according to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).

Congresswoman Jackson Lee is the latest person to call for a complete and open investigation into the murder of Seaman August Provost, 29. The sailor was found dead at about 3:30 am June 30, in his guard post near the Pacific Ocean, on the southwestern corner of Camp Pendleton. His body had multiple bullet wounds.

Just days after the murder, local gay activists said they had credible information that Provost's murder might have been an anti-gay hate crime. Local Congress members Bob Filner and Susan Davis both demanded a thorough investigation by the Department of Defense and the Marine Corps but a spokesman for military said there is no evidence so far of a hate-crime. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is holding a "person of interest" in the crime, but no charges have been filed against that person.

Seaman Provost's family continues to insist that the murder was a hate-crime.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee is also demanding more answers from the Pentagon about a possible anti-gay or anti-black motive in Provost's death.  But Congressman Filner is now raising other questions about the death. Filner wants the Navy to address the possibility that the killer was storming the area of Camp Pendleton that houses Assault Craft Unit 5.
The North County Gay and Lesbian Coalition is planning a candlelight vigil for Seaman Provost on Friday, at 7:30 pm, outside the main gate at Camp Pendleton.

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