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LOOKING SMART: As a woman, you know you've tried on a dress and wondered at how perfect it would be if it didn't have sleeves/halter straps/a cowl neck, etc. For those days, you'll be extra happy to own one of Norma Kamali's all-in-one Jersey dresses from Wal-Mart ($24). The wrinkle-free fabric is easy to wear and pack, and you'll find endless uses from each of its five-plus styling options.

TOASTY TEXTER: At some point, you'll be popping on a pair of gloves this winter, and conversely struggling with responding to texts on your phone. The Convertible Texting Gloves from Urban Outfitters ($10) have special fingertips on the pointer and the thumb that fold back for easy text messaging so you can stay warm and responsive.

HOW LOW: Though it's not entirely clear what occasion would call for removing a high-top's upper, having options never hurt anyone. The Creative Recreation convertible boat sneakers at Barney's New York ($425) in black leather and zipper detail look cool even if they aren't totally necessary.

BACK DROP: The accessories of the hour combine tough chains with girly, pearly details, but sometimes it just feels good to simplify. Juicy Couture hears that, and offers its Convertible Heart Drop Earrings ($68) in return. Wear them whole for a casual glam look, or remove the silver chain fringe for sweeter ensembles.

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