San Diego

New Barrio Logan Brewery Hopes To Be Pioneer of Food and Drink Community There

The owners said they chose Barrio Logan for the culture and history of the area

A new craft brewery is coming to Barrio Logan. Owners are hoping to be a central part of the community.

“We love their lively demeanor of Barrio Logan,” said Kurt Bach, the owner. “It’s a very accepting community.” 

Attitude Brewing Company on National Avenue will feature not only craft beers brewed on site but huge displays of art from local Mexican artists. All the furniture in the establishment was also created by local artisans. 

"I really wanted to conserve the art history and roots that are already established here," said Bach. 

Barrio Logan has gone through a wave of transformation over the last few years, with new upscale restaurants moving into the area.

"With the park across the way, there are a lot of art and history enthusiasts," said Bach. "It's a great place to have a picnic and let your kids run around."

Bach added there is also plenty of parking in Barrio Logan, a change from downtown San Diego and Hillcrest where finding a parking spot can be a challenge. 

“In three years we’re hoping we’ll be more like North Park,” said Daniel Hernandez, assistant brewer at Attitude Brewing. “Where people can go out for nightlife or a good meal.” 

Attitude Brewery opens Friday, serving burgers, wraps, beer, and kombucha on tap. 

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