Ace Frehley Is ‘Rockin' With the Boys' Again

San Diego transplant and ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley releases new song “Rockin’ With the Boys”

In April, San Diego transplant and ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley released new song “Bronx Boy” from his upcoming album, “Spaceman.” This week, the legendary guitar slinger announced the release of a new song called “Rockin’ With the Boys.”

Despite having been separated from his Kiss boys for some time now, Kiss bassist and vehement tongue wagger Gene Simmons actually contributed some bass and songwriting to the new album -- not to mention the album title. The rekindled friendship is thanks in part to Frehley’s 12-year celebration of sobriety in September, which has him on quite a productive hot streak of creativity.

In 2009, Frehley released “Anomaly,” which charted in the top 20, and in 2014, he released “Space Invader,” which charted in the top 10. In 2016, he reunited with Kiss vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley for a covers album. Though Frehley has proved he can be just as successful as a solo artist as he was as a founding guitarist for one of the biggest rock bands in history, it appears the old band drama is gone for now.

No more destroying hotel rooms, green rooms, and studio waiting rooms: Frehley recorded his new track -- and the entire album, in fact -- in his home studio in Rancho Santa Fe. Despite that suburban environment, the single lives up to its name: It’s rockin’.

Listen to “Rockin’ With the Boys” below.

Frehley just wrapped up a single release show at Belly Up on Aug. 9. If you missed that show, “Spaceman” is set for an Oct. 19 release, so there’s sure to be more in support of the album in the coming months.

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