NBC 7 San Diego Uses Digital News Beacons to Alert Staff

The station's "Digial News Beacons" trigger various alerts to the employee population.

When NBC 7 San Diego moved into a new Kearny Mesa facility, station management wanted to immerse users in the operations of the station. 

As emails, texts, and other notifications have become more commonplace, it’s been harder and harder to alert various departments to breaking news, on-air issues, and financial performance of the station. 

“When users are getting hundreds of notifications per day, it’s really hard to get their attention”, said David MacKinnon, Director of Technology and Operations at NBC San Diego. 

That’s where the station's new "Digital News Beacons" come in. 

Using a product from OrbNext along with some custom scripting, the station was able to create a visual alerting tool that keeps employees and visitors engaged in what’s happening with the station. 

The beacons run automatically, using the website and off-air monitors to trigger various alerts to the employee population. 

During breaking news, the devices flash red. On-air issues send out a purple signal. When the company hits a financial goal or the stock price increases by 2 percent, the cubs turn green. 

In this day and age, companies are always looking for new and exciting ways to keep employees engaged. 

These beacons from OrbNext are just one way NBC 7 San Diego keeps all of its employees on the same page. 

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