American Apparel Rummage Sale to Hit 5th Ave.

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Perhaps it’s the way tri-blend t-shirts feel after being washed repeatedly. Or maybe is the way the fleece hoodies manage to stay fuzzy for years.

Whatever the reason, young hip urbanites seem to have a taste for American Apparel.
San Diegans will be happy to know that one of American Apparel’s infamous rummage sales will be taking place in Downtown, right below the 5th Ave. store.
The event will take place Dec. 19 through the 20 and run from 10 a.m to 10 p.m both days.
“The better stuff will come first, so it’s best tome early,” said Jill Wallace, an employee at the 5th Avenue store.
Items will be up to 85% off, and prices will be as low as two dollars.  Wallace said that jackets as expensive as $180 will be marked down to just $20. The sale space will be huge—over 5,000 sq. ft. of space will be utilized to bring American Apparel to the masses. The items will be a mix of first and second quality pieces.
A couple of tips for those looking to navigate the sale, according to Wallace, as well as AJ Shire, San Diego District Manger of American Apparel:
  1. The clothing will be placed on racks and in boxes, so be prepared to dig. 
  2. Don't worry about missing out if you come late in the day, items will be replenished periodically. 
  3. When paying, consider bringing cash or utilizing the ATM machine located on site-- the cashiers will be split between credit/debit and cash only and the credit/debit lines may be long.
  4. A long line is also anticipated, so early arrival is suggested.  At the UCSD American Apparel rummage sale, shoppers began arriving at 6 a.m for a 9 a.m opening. For those planning on staking out, the line will begin right outside the store.
  5. Lastly, for those planning on stocking up, limited space will be located behind the cashiers for storage.

Shire especially recommends the sale for those looking to do some last minute Christmas Shopping, or for bussers and waiters looking to pick up some pieces for work.

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