Foodies Celebrate National Sandwich Day

Sandwich fans can chow down on their favorite meal in celebration

National Sandwich Hoagie

It’s a good day for sandwich lovers, because today is National Sandwich Day.

On Thursday, San Diegans can forgo the usual taco and brown bag it instead. Because who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

A survey conducted by Glutino said 51 percent of Americans consider sandwiches to be a lunchtime staple. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was elected the favorite sandwich in the study, with 30 percent of the vote. 

So embrace the day by chomping down on the classic meal. Either make your own, or visit one of the hundreds of restaurants in San Diego that feature sandwiches on its menu.

Who knows, some places might even have a good deal.

“You’d think a sandwich shop would know when it’s National Sandwich Day,” said Scott, who works at 4.0 Deli in College Area. He said the popular college sandwich shop would be celebrating with inexpensive pitchers of beer.

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