Myrtle Creek: Fairies + Princesses Rule

Build magical gardens and dress like royalty, in Fallbrook.

SPRING AND WINGS: The ending of May is just about the sweetest slice of springtime, for those who love to be outdoors and love to daydream and love to make things, all with a side of warming sunshine. We're pulling into June, and the summer season, so afternoons with an al fresco twist aren't too chilly, and the coming of the summer season, that time for books and daydreams -- feelings leftover from childhood -- means we're ready to create something cool, or play at something cool, too. Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery in Fallbrook is into this fantasy vibe, both for the grown-ups (the myriad plants and flowers feel magical to be around) and for the kids. For while there are plenty of adult-focused fun times to come later this summer, a few things going down, right at the end of May, are just right for younger people wrapping up the school year. Like the building of...

A FAIRY GARDEN: You've likely heard rumor of these heart-cheery sights, in magazines, or seen them in the yards of friends, but fashioning your own outdoor nook with your fairy-fascinated kid feels like the right thing to do at the start of summer, a long stretch where people are simply out under the sky more often. Myrtle Creek has daily workshops about fairy gardens, what to use and what to include (moss, geodes, succulents), so you can get the jump on yours before the warmest days of the year arrive. Rumor has it that small winged creatures rather like those days, so set up your whimsical garden now, the better to enjoy them. There is also...

A LITTLE PRINCESS EVENT, too, on Sunday, May 24. Note this is a one-day-only party -- the fairy garden workshops are daily -- and note that your wee royal should definitely dress in their castle-ready best. It's a photography-fun deal, so get the details. 

READY FOR GROWN-UP STUFF... as well? Pencil in Garden Yoga and an Artisan Fair, which are both ahead at Myrtle Creek during the warmer days of summer.

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