Music Sweeter Than Honey

Cool Tunes Courtesy of a Favorite HBO Star

Wrap up your summer with a celebrity sighting and a great show, all in one San Diego tavern. Entourage star Adrian Grenier’s band, The Honey Brothers, will be performing in Solana Beach at the Belly Up Tavern on September 14th and it will undoubtedly be the place to be.

The band started in 2001 in New York. Ukulele player, Ari Gold remembers that in the wake of September 11, “The band began as a way to find joy in life…We rekindled our spirits with ukuleles.”

He and his college buddies, Andrew Vladeck and DS Posner were the original three members of the band, which eventually grew to include actor Adrian Grenier and Ari’s twin brother, Ethan, in 2002.

The five members of the Honey Brothers truly feel as though they are related after seven years of performing together. “We have solidified as real brothers,” Adrian says. “At first it was sort of a symbolic thing, but now I think our DNA has merged on a molecular level.”

Ari is the clear leader of the group and he works hard to maintain a consistent sound for the new wave folk band. “He always makes sure there’s something worth smiling about happening in the music and lyrics. Without his spirit, it wouldn’t be the Honey Brothers,” says Ethan.

The group definitely has a unique sound with their ukulele rock. Originally a drummer, Ari explains, “[the ukulele] was easier to carry than drums.”

The concert will begin at 8 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door. Fans aged 21 and older are welcome.

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