SD Music Award Nominations Announced

It's award season in San Diego, and time to vote for your favorite artists -- that an more in this week's installment of Music MonDaze.

The San Diego Music Awards are always a hot ticket. After almost a quarter-century of celebrating the best music that America’s Finest City has to offer, it seems like a natural reaction for the buzz-worthy event to cause some excitement.

Many of the nominees were perennial visitors to the big show -- Switchfoot, Jason Mraz, Nickel Creek and Little Hurricane, all nominated for Song of the Year and Album of the Year -- but there were some newer artists making waves as well, including the young band the Frights, who were among the Best Live Bands being recognized.

Of  course, here at SoundDiego, we were especially proud to see three nominations: Associate editor Dustin Lothspeich received nominations for Best Hard Rock band and Best Hard Rock Album for his work with the band Boy King, and SoundDiego video photographer Eric Casas was recognized in the Best Music Category, for the "Rocky Road" clip he shot for the B-Side Players.

Also of note: For the first time ever, the nominees for this year’s 24th annual version were announced early.

A savvy marketing move? Things just done ahead of schedule? Nope. Amazingly, someone hacked into the Music Awards computer and leaked the information a day ahead of the scheduled announcement.

Rumor has it that the guilty party is actually the singer of a local band, but regardless, it’s nice to know that people are getting pumped up for the iconic event this early.

And don’t expect the same thing to happen with winner information once the votes have been counted. Measures will be taken to insure that the breach doesn’t happen again. (Don’t be surprised if you see San Diego Music Foundation president Kevin Hellman with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.)

If you want the results before anyone else, you’ll just have to show up at Humphrey’s By the Bay on Oct. 6.

The Donkeys, Euphoria Brass Band, Joshua White, the Midnight Pine, Robin Henkel, Todo Mundo and Tribal Theory will all be performing, and the amazing Tomcat Courtney will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Even though you may have seen it on Saturday night, here is a complete list of nominees -- and be sure to take time to vote while you're there.

Blogger Scott McDonald covers music in San Diego for a few different publications and is the editor of
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