Mudslide Damages RB Homes

Two Condos Seriously Damaged

Homeowners in Rancho Bernardo are dealing with a huge mess.

Kari Campbell said she was about to have dinner when a wall of mud and water came rushing into the first floor of her condo on Wednesday evening.

"We thought it was just in the living room, but then it swooshed all the way through into the bedroom and the bathroom, and right now we're trying to get mud out from under our stove, " Campbell said.

Campbell said the mud was 2 feet high when it came crashing into their home.

This isn't the first time the condo complex in the 17000 block of Alva has been hit by mudslides. The complex sits beneath a mountain. A few weeks after last year's fires, heavy rains hit the region and part of the hill gave way.

Jane Odero says she just settled her insurance claims from that slide on Tuesday. She can't believe she is right back where she started.

"It's almost mind-boggling to have to go through this every year," Odero said. "No one is taking responsibility."

Odero blamed clogged storm drains for the damage. She said her homeowner's association should have been more prepared for the storms. She said crews put out sandbags weeks ago, but they were not enough to hold back Wednesday's strong downpours.

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