Movies Boom When Business Goes Bust

Not all businesses are faltering during the recession. Some industries thrive on a sour economy, according to a marketing professor at San Diego State University.

Fast food, cheap alcohol, and liquidators are just a few.

The movies also prove themselves to be a money-maker during an economic downturn.

In fact it was another recession that gave rise to the home video explosion.

“If you back and look at '90 '91, that's actually when Blockbuster grew by leaps and bounds. Same thing,” said Lois Olson, International Marketing professor at San Diego State University.

“People still wanted to go out, they wanted entertainment, they couldn't really afford to, so they ordered pizza and got Blockbuster."

McDonald’s is also doing well, said Olson, in fact the fast food chain is poised to open new store locations.

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