Mother’s Day Drag Race


One group of men strapped on their high heels and raced for 50 yards all for the chance to travel to the exotic destination of …Canada.

In honor of Mother’s Day, The Show on Rock 105.3’s figured out a way to get about 10 manly men to pull out all the stops for their 1st Annual (?) Drag Race.

At stake, tickets to a mixed martial arts fight.

With that bounty at stake, the men pulled out what could fit from the closets of the women who love them and actually showed up.

“They obviously look some thought to their outfits,” said Mike Costa with The Show. “Perhaps a little homage to their mothers?”

Lining up before the race, one racer wore a zebra-striped tank dress with his black hat tilted to the side. His ankles taped inside his Payless pumps, this man was ready to compete.

Unfortunately it was not to be for this competitor, on this day.

Instead, it was the lightning bolt named Zach Garza, who streaked across the finish line first and ran off with a two-night stay, free tickets and spending money for the WEC Fight #49.

His motivation? The moms, he said.

“I did all this, bought heels, sprinted through Marshall’s in these heels, for the moms,” said Garza.

He wanted to send his mother and his girlfriend’s mother to Canada.

“I was terrified the entire time,” he said of the race.

His secret weapon? The mantra, “’Just stay off the back of your foot.’”

His mental preparation worked. Garza was far and away the winner in the event.

Runners up walked away with prizes like an iPod and a video camera.

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