Mother of Beaten Baby Claims She Was Told to Lie

Man pleads not guilty to the charges

Relatives of a man accused of beating his baby son over a period of several months claim he's innocent.
In fact, they say investigators told the baby's mother to lie about how her son Max, 5-months, sustained more than 30 fractures.
Mauricio Lopez, 33, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in an El Cajon courtroom to a felony charge of child abuse for allegedly beating the baby.  He faces 10 to 12 years in state prison if convicted.

Tuesday morning, relatives of Lopez said investigators told the baby's mother to say Lopez beat the baby.  They say the mother was promised she could have her baby back if she cooperated.  However, several days after Lopez was arrested, the baby is still in protective custody, and now the family is upset.  Relatives are convinced Lopez is innocent.
So, how did the baby suffer dozens of broken bones?
They claim Lopez's 5-year-old son may be responsible.  They said he may have unintentionally been rough and pulled the baby around.  The family says the baby's mother told this to investigators.
Max is expected to make a full recovery.

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