Miramonte’s ‘Free Cabana Rental’ Deal

Making for the desert during the week? You could be in the shade, by the pool, chillaxing, for not much dough.

Miramonte Resort & Spa

IF YOU'VE SPENT ANY TIME... in Southern California at all, or, for that matter, a wider swath of the Golden State, you know that September is not the end of summer. Oh, for sure, the autumnal equinox falls as it does around the third week of the month -- it's Sept. 23 in 2015 -- but that often doesn't add up to much, weather-wise, around the lower half of the state. Summer-style temperatures are still testing thermometers, and the occasional Santa Ana wind brings a dry and warm blast to the proceedings. In short, SoCalers do not immediately don plaid skirts and knee socks and oxfords come the fall; we're still in our shorts and tank tops and flip-flops. Miramonte Resort & Spa understands our quirky summer extension, thanks in large part to the continued action around the pool even after autumn's arrival. And the resort is looking to treat those guests who are playing poolside well into September, and those guests who call upon the Indian Wells property in the middle of the week, with a special cabana-themed deal.

OHHH, CABANAS: The clothe-tented, pool-adjacent space is the stuff of hotel legend, and booking one can be a bit prohibitive, depending on the hotel you're at. Still, it is easy to bob in the shallow end while admiring the cabana scene and wishing you had one of your own to lounge in, especially when the afternoon sun gets too toasty. The Miramonte's deal is this: Stay mid-week, "but 1 room, get 1 free cabana rental," and there you have it, swimmers/loungers/vacationers. This is of course "based on availability," as these things often are, but you'll have all of September to enjoy this nice offer, Sunday through Thursday. Could you be chillaxing in a cabana, in the desert, after a cooling soak, on the first day of autumn? Well, that is a Wednesday in 2015, so, yes, you could be, if you book sooner than later. It's true that chillier temps don't rev up before November 'round Southern California, deserts included, but that just means the summer-style specials stretch gloriously into the traditional fall season.

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