Serra Mesa Woman Feeling Fridge Frustrations

Zulfar Shaker called NBC 7 Responds for help with a refund on a faulty fridge.

Serra Mesa resident Zulfar Shaker has four growing boys at home. She says their “heads are constantly in the refrigerator.”

Because of that Zulfar says she has learned the importance of having a refrigerator that is reliable.

In 2013, she and her husband decided to buy a new LG refrigerator, along with a five-year extended warranty, from the Home Depot store in Clairemont.

They would later say it was a good thing they bought the warranty.

“Well, we had a total of seven to eight services, appointments on it and five of them they had to replace parts and components,” Zulfar told NBC 7 Responds.

During that time, technicians replaced the ice maker, compressor, gaskets and other refrigerator parts.

Then last November, Zulfar said she started to hear a loud buzzing sound coming from the refrigerator.

“I would sit at the kitchen table and end up hearing this humming sound like a bee is buzzing in your ear.”

Zulfar said she called Home Depot again and a technician came to her house four times over the course of the next two weeks.

Days later, she said she noticed that the refrigerator stopped working.

This time, she said she didn’t notice it until after she had gotten sick from eating spoiled eggs. Then she said her freezer stopped working.

“Because I am so busy with the kids I like to mass cook and freeze our meals, and so then it just became personal.”

At the end of her rope, Zulfar called NBC 7 Responds for help.

Responds contacted Home Depot and the following day Zulfar said Home Depot contacted her to tell her that they would refund her money and send her a check for the food she had to throw out.

“We are getting a refund from Home Depot and we are able to go and buy new groceries, reimbursing us for the food loss,” Zulfar said.

A spokesperson for Home Depot told NBC 7 Responds, "Our extended protection plan is one of the best, so this delay with our third-party provider shouldn't have happened. We apologize to the Shakers for the inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to make it right."

LG did not respond to our request for comment.

If you are torn over whether to buy an extended warranty, NBC 7 Responds has some tips for you to consider. To read more from Consumer Bob, click here.

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