Minutemen: Feds at Fault Too

The Minutemen blame DHS policy for contributing to an agent's death while on the job

Five days after a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot and killed on the job, he was remembered with a vigil.

This was a small gathering by a group of people who are normally very outspoken about the border issues. This day, they said, was about more than politics.

With flowers and flags they're here to give notice and thanks.

"These agents put their life on the line for every American in this country," said Gabriel Pollack.

He is a member of the Minutemen, a group usually at the center of the controversy over how to protect the border. At this event though they say it's not about them.

"This is all about him. This is all about the border patrol, and one of their own," said Pollack.

That one is agent Robert Rosas. The husband and father of two was shot to death while patrolling the border near Campo the night of July 23.

Mexican Law enforcement claims to have arrested the shooter, but the FBI is not yet confirming that. The incident almost immediately turned political.

"The troubling issue is how a young man, Robert Rosas could be working by himself in such a dangerous environment,” said Bruce Ruff, a former deputy with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. “I hope those things get addressed."

But it won't be addressed on this day at this small gathering. This group says that's not what they want. They just came to say thank you.

"They just do their job, and go home. Hopefully, they get to go home," said Pollack.

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