Military Mom Makeover

Wife of a fighter pilot based at MCAS Miramar gets a new look

Rancho Penasquitos mom Sandi Kerkhove has her hands full.  She’s 8 months pregnant and spends most of the day chasing around her daughter Emery, 2, and a puppy.  Her husband, Mike, is a fighter pilot with the U.S. Marines.  He’s been deployed for the past six months.

The last time Mike was deployed he missed the birth of his daughter.
"So he left when I was 12 weeks pregnant and he came home to a six month old," Sandi Kerkhove said. 

Sandi said deployments mean hard work and self neglect.  “I know at 8 o'clock at night I'm done.  You know I've had a full day of a puppy and a toddler…I do take a shower every day but as far as hair and makeup, you just don't have time for that," Kerkhove said.

Sandi said the stress of the separation during a deployment also takes a toll.  “Or When you get a phone call and the caller ID says U.S. Government you know your heart kind of skips a beat  every time," Kerkhove said choking back tears.

Military spouses are often left caring for their family at home, tending to everyone but themselves.  It's a sacrifice most local military families know well. 

With the help of some generous stylists, NBC 7/39 gave expectant mother Sandi Kerkhove a day of pampering.

"I think it will just be awesome just to have a day to myself," Kerkhove said.

The fun began at Thomas Joseph Studio in Kearny Mesa with stylist Megan Moutaw.

Megan began the makeover with some new color for Sandi’s blond locks.  She used lighter blonds, a caramel color and a warm brown for depth.  She also cut Sandi’s hair, taking the length up to right below Sandi’s shoulders and cutting some longer bangs to frame Sandi’s face.

“And we did brighter highlights around the face to brighten it up a little bit and longer layers in the back to give her a little bit more lift," Moutaw said.

Makeup artist Stephanie Conklin used a steady hand to do Sandi’s makeup.  Stephanie focused on using mauve tones to accentuate Sandi's blue eyes.

Sandi said she was very pleased with the end result.  "Oh I love it!  I love it!  And it was so nice to be pampered," Kerkhove said.

Sandi recently welcomed her husband home.  She said he loves her new look.  The family is looking forward to the birth of their baby boy due May 19th.

Check out next week’s Military Makeover Monday on NBC 7/39.  Sandi's sister will be featured in next week’s segment.  Her military husband has been deployed for more than a year.

Makeup Artist Stephanie Conklin can be reached at 760-443-4900 or

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