Meg, Steve and Sex in Governor's Race

Nothing like a little sex to living up a campaign.

Not that the Meg Whitman/Steve Poizner demolition derby now taking place on a TV screen near you needed any help.  It seems like every hour of every day, one is ripping into the other for not being conservative enough. And their spending lots of campaign cash to fight dirty.

This week Whitman received the endorsement of former Vice President Dick Cheney in an op-ed piece in the Orange County Register.  The Poizner campaign fired back today with a web ad that takes the vitriol to a new level.

The ad points to a special department of eBay, Whitman's former company, which allows people to sell and trade... pornography and sex toys. Whitman was at the helm when the "porno" division was started and the Poizner ad says it became a big money winner. 

Whitman responded today in a satellite interview from Sacramento saying that  her opponent is "desperate" and that eBay is a good, clean and wholesome website that "even your grandmother has probably used."

Right now the web ad will stay on the Internet, where it will seek the kind of buzz I just provided.  Stil, the spot could cut both ways for the candidate. Porno may not be a big seller with Republican voters, Whitman is a businesswoman -- and nothing sells better than sex. 

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