Miss Cougar Del Mar Finalists 2010

The 2010 class has been whittled down to four finalists. Did you pick a winner yet?

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Del Mar Scene
Cougar contestant CC, 45, says, "I feel that I can go up against any younger woman (kitten) in the game of love and war! Confidence is not a factor for me!" CC is currently in first place, pulling in over 1,100 votes from online voters so far.
Del Mar Scene
Denise, 46, says "Who better to represent Miss Cougar Del Mar than a cougar with the last name of Furlong who lives within 30 Furlongs of the track." This cougar is standing in a close second place with 1000 votes.
Del Mar Scene
Miss Cougar Del Mar contestant Kimberly says, "As a 47 year old confident, sporty Cougar that promotes the Cougar lifestyle in a positive way, not in the way the media portrays us, I feel this would be a wonderful opportunity to show race fans that we are strong, confident women and the younger men should bet on us." Kimberly is currently ranked 3rd out of 4, racking in over 550 votes.
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Meet Sheila who is 42. She only dates/attracts men that are at least 15 years younger than her & she wouldn't have it any other way! Sheila has over 300 votes so far, putting her in 4th place.
Del Mar Scene
Miss Cougar Del Mar contestant Jodi is 45, and has her education in Nursing and her Masters in Business.
Del Mar Scene
Here are the other entrants for this year's contest that didn't make the final cut: Marlene, 53, prefers younger men for their enthusiasm and energy and was on the hunt even before we were called "Cougars."
Del Mar Scene
Meet Kirsten, the 41-year-old contestant who is a former fashion buyer for Charlotte Russe and is currently an independent sales rep for fashion accessories.
Laurie, 49, loves the races, and surfing. She is very Active, educated, and friendly with outrageous positive attitude who prefers youthful exuberance over old jackrabbits.
Del Mar Scene
Jan, 60, says she only dates younger men, is very fit. Often mistaken for being her oldest son's date. She is an outstanding golfer and surfs.
Del Mar Scene
Mia, 40, is a new Cougar in town to Del Marand is bringing a little Latina spice to Del Mar.
Self-described single mom Rosie Goldstein won the crown in 2009. She said at the time that her 23-year-old son was "proud, very proud" of his mom getting the crown at Del Mar, even telling co-workers about her achievement.
Cougars have gotten so popular there's even a TV show now starring Courteney Cox.
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