Meet Germany’s Ska en Espanol: Wisecracker

Germany's most energetic global ska punk band will bring mosh pits alive at Black Box in Tijuana.

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Germany's Wisecracker is bringing their global ska to Tijuana's Black Box on Saturday. This is one band that will drive your curiousity through the roof. Here's why: Wisecracker is German-born. They sing in German, English and en Espanol! And they do it with ridiculous ease. Lead vocalist, Alexander "Dr. Kluse" Mende, even rocks the signature Spaniard lisp. His enunciation of the Spanish language is spot on as seen in their energetic studio recording music video of “Por Que Te Vas?

The seven-piece punk ska band is equipped with a brass horn and accordion section that's ready to gas up any mosh pit. Wisecracker's music is described according to their Facebook, “A fierce struggle between guitars and horns begins and it's only the amount of beers drank that decides who's gonna come out on top at the end of a show. Well, sometimes Mr. Jack Daniels has a say, too.”

Learn the German phrase: Brett und Blaser! And you will have also described Wisecracker. "Brett" is a German expression for distorted guitars, and "blaser" is German for blowing horns. Despite not having released anything new since their 2010 release, "The Pact," Wisecracker continue to steadily tour in Europe, Mexico and California. Their current tour includes bookings in Guadalajara, Tecate, Ensenada, Mexico City and Tijuana. 

Wisecracker performs at Black Box in Tijuana. Puchase tickets here. For more Wisecracker info go here.

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