Mayor's Race: David Alvarez, Behind the Music

Mayoral hopeful David Alvarez talks about what bands voters would be surprised he likes

With a mayoral runoff election looming next Tuesday, SoundDiego wanted to ask Democrat David Alvarez and Republican Kevin Faulconer the important questions: What radio stations do you listen to? Who’s your favorite rapper? What musical acts do you love that nobody would guess you like? And, most important: Do you watch SoundDiego TV?

Here’s a rundown of Alvarez’s responses. Click HERE to find out how Faulconer responded.

SoundDiego: We're getting close to the runoff election. Music helps a lot of people cope with high-pressures of life -- how do you cope with your run for mayor?
DA:  I love listening to our local radio when I'm driving between meetings, events, press events or family trips. I find calm in most genres of music. For example, I listen to 92.5 FM for its oldies; 106.5 FM Mexican regional music; 93.3 FM for pop; and 91x for its alternative music.

SD:  What musical acts do you love that nobody would guess you'd like?
DV:  I like ska and SoCal punk music. So, Buck-O-Nine, Sprung Monkey and Blink-182.
SD:  We frequently ask interview subjects this because it gives a sense of who they are: Who is your favorite rapper?
DA:  LL Cool J. He is the consummate cool guy, and he keeps his message positive. In his songs, he has also expressed sympathy for causes that I believe in, like protecting immigrants.

SD: Have you ever watched our show on NBC 7, SoundDiego
DA:  Yes, but not as often as I want to.

SD: What is you and your wife, Xochitl's, favorite song?
DA:  Our song is "Luz de Dia," by Enanitos Verdes.  It’s a classic song about being in love and not being able to live without your love. In college, Xochitl asked me if I had a favorite song. I sent her "Luz de Dia" by email. It was hilarious because we still had dial-up internet connection so it took nearly fire minutes for Xochitl to download the song and actually hear it.
SD: Why did you feature all-local Latino artists at a campaign event in Balboa Park?
DA:  First of all, it was homegrown talent: Teatro Izcalli, Taco Shop Poets and, of course, Chunky Sanchez. We have to support the arts every step of the way. Through the arts, people of different backgrounds and perspectives come together  to learn about each other and quickly find commonality in the American experience. It was a great event to highlight Latino artists and enjoy and celebrate the Latino experience of growing up in a binational region.
SD:  Who your favorite Latin alternative musicians are and why?
DA:  I especially like Cafe Tacvba, not because it's rock en Español but because their music uses so many genres, including indigenous, folk, punk and electronic, and even ranchera music. Their music represents the different parts of who I am, my parents music, my music and my heritage. 

SD: If you win the election, what song do you want played?
DA:  Macklemore’s "Can't Hold Us."

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