Marriott Marquis Prepares for New Restaurant

It may look like a lot of construction now, but the new restaurant Marina Kitchen is set to debut this summer -- and it's shaping up to be a beauty.

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Sarah Grieco
The Marina Kitchen, set to open this summer, is currently in the middle stages of construction. But one thing's for sure: The view can't be beat!
Sarah Grieco
Chef of the Marina Kitchen shows off the buffet area.
Sarah Grieco
A 2,000 bottle wine cellar will doubles as a functional space for private wine tastings and seminars.
Sarah Grieco
Glass was removed from the outside of the building so diners can enjoy open-air seating.
Sarah Grieco
Workers enjoy the view of the bay while setting up Marina Kitchen's new dining room.
Sarah Grieco
The kitchen features high-tech equipment.
Sarah Grieco
The chef stands in the newly constructed kitchen, complete with a new oven.
Sarah Grieco
Marina Kitchen is designed to accommodate group clientele in an endless combination of configurations. But for now, it's in the middle stages of construction. Stay tuned for the summer!
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