Man Shot in Rolling Gun Battle With Cops

A street robbery and police pursuit, ended with shots being fired on a van full of suspects Wednesday night.

It started around 7:45 p.m. with a report of a robbery. By chance, three undercover officers working another incident spotted a white van with five people inside speeding erratically near Gamma Street and 38th Street. They followed the van to a residential neighborhood. 

Captain Jim Collins said when the officers turned a corner, the van had stopped. A passenger got out of the van and fired a round though the officers’ windshield. The officers fired back, hitting the shooter in the stomach. The van took off again and police gave chase. 

Finally the van slammed into the center divide under the 805 freeway and lost a tire. One man ran from the van, but was stopped by a police dog.

He was taken to a hospital along with the suspect who was shot. Three other suspects, including two females had minor injuries related to the accident. One officer suffered a scrape to the forehead. 

The suspects face serious charges including attempted murder of a police officer and robbery.

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