Making Friends at Hall H

It's a skill to get into the long line at Comic-Con

It’s a skill getting into the line at Hall H.

The key is getting there early, having patience and making friends along the way.

On Day two of Comic-Con 2012 the line started in the wee hours of the morning and by 8 a.m. had wrapped around the convention center and along the back near the water.

The line intimidated some people, but some people were on a mission if they chose to accept it, and that was to get into Hall H no matter what.

Four friends knew the lines would be bad and planned accordingly, 27-year-old Jonathan Lee from Mira Mesa was dressed up as a Warbler.

Those who watch the show “Glee” know the Warblers are a rival all-male choir.

And Lee who was with his friends, Kristen Ballungay and her boyfriend Elliot Hung and their friend Stephanie Liu said they arrived in the line around 7 a.m.

At one point they thought they weren’t going to get in, but Lee kept thing positive.

“This thing has gotten super crowded, I feel the spirit of Comic-Con is still here. Everyone just wants to have a good time and enjoy the show.”

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Also in the crowd were two Comic-Con newbies. Sean Gibbons of Long Valley, N.J. and his friend John Francis of Leesburg, Va., were watching local news broadcast and when they saw how long the lines were, they made a plan.

“I knew we needed to get here as fast as possible because that line was insane,” Gibbons said.

The guys were in town because of a belated 40th birthday gift from Gibbons’ wife.

“I said to her I wanted to go to Comic-Con and I guess she remembered so she gave me the weekend off so I could go to this.”

Francis said he was in on the plan and said the lines didn’t really bother him because there was some good programming for that day.

All of them went pleasantly surprised by “ParaNorman,” a stop-action movie about a boy who sees and talks to ghosts and zombies.

But they were really happy to see “The Walking Dead” which airs on AMC and “The Big Bang Theory.”

They went crazy when “The Big Bang Theory” gave a way a trip into space for those brave audience members who went to the microphone to ask the cast a question.

Lee said he was a little jealous.

“Dude, now I wish I would have asked a question!”

Ballungay had a liked a different part of the “Big Bang Theory” panel.

“I loved it when they sang “Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty’ but I did think it was awesome they gave away a trip to space”

And despite the lines, Lee summed up the day in just three words: “Best. Day. Ever!”

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