Love Me Tender, Love Me Suite

Rare are the occasions when a restaurant manages to transcend every category upon which it is judged - food, service and atmosphere, our media partner reported.

In the genre of fine dining, however, a relative newcomer to the San Diego restaurant scene has managed to achieve greatness in each of the aforementioned fields; and while doing so is a feat in and of itself, even more impressive is the fact it has attained such lofty status in a mere eight weeks.

The restaurant in reference is none other than Suite & Tender, located within the chic and sophisticated Sé San Diego, a hotel inconspicuously placed in the absolute heart of downtown - 1047 5th Avenue between Broadway and C, to be precise.

But what is it about this newbie to the San Diego dining scene that sets it apart not only from the plethora of downtown restaurants dotting the immediate surrounding landscape, but also the entire county for that matter? To find out read the article "Suite Dining Surprise at Se San Diego."

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