Los Aguas Aguas Make U.S. Debut

The native sons of "son Jarocho" music are set to make their San Diego debut

The U.S. debut of Los Aguas Aguas kicks off in Santa Barbara Friday, with a highly-anticipated San Diego stop scheduled for next week at the House of Blues. Being a Mexican band that emphasizes their son Jarocho roots, and with album titles like "Two, Three Karate Moves" and "Easy and Tropical Machin," you have to wonder what they're like live in concert.

Since 2005, Los Aguas Aguas have become the ambassadors of Veracruz music. Their family-like band of 11 members make significant contributions by teaching school-aged children the beauty of their native son Jarocho music as seen on their official website. Because of Los Aguas Aguas, children have come to know their African roots by demonstrating the history of son Jarocho instruments like the shekere (calabash) and djembe, which are both originally from Africa and adopted by Veracruz music in the 18th century.

You may actually think you've never heard son Jarocho music before, but you have. The most widely known song in the style is “La Bamba,” which was made popular by Chicano musician, Ritchie Valens and the American movie of the same name.

Los Aguas Aguas guarantee you a ticket into a musical celebration of old world Veracruz music with a modern-day twist. This will be the group's first California tour with five confirmed dates in Santa Barbara (Aug. 8) Anaheim (Aug. 9), Los Angeles (Aug. 10), San Jose (Aug. 14), Fresno (Aug. 15) and San Diego (TBA).

Los Aguas Aguas will be performing at the House of Blues next week with Hector Guerra at House of Blues -- date to be announced. For more information, go here.

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