Local Gym Calls It Quits

Members and workers with no where to turn

Greg Wright just had to see it for himself. The gym he'd been using for years had locked its doors and no one expected it.

"Talk about surprising," said Wright. "They did a lot of renovations recently. I thought wow, they're going to spruce this place up. And now they're gone." 

Wright isn't the only one surprised by Del Mar Workout's sudden closing. Debbie Buccigrossi just paid $600 for two memberships less than three weeks ago. 

"Thursday night I left there at 9pm," said Debbie Buccigrossi, "And I showed up at 3:00 on Friday and it's closed. I was shocked."

There was a note on the door left by the gym's owners, Dave and Sonya Stauffer. The letter blamed the economy and said, "We appologize for no notice but we were left with no other choice." And continued, "we're deeply sorry for any financial hurt this may cause you."

The Stauffers didn't leave any forwarded phone number but they are included in a Cedar City, Utah real estate website. Members are afraid they'll never see their money again. 

"I just find it hard to believe somebody could be that dishonest and turn around a few days later, take your money and run," said Buccigrossi.  

A man who said he is trying to rent the gym location said he hopes the new owner will honor gym memberships.

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