Local Couple Struggles to Fight Cancer

Dana Adler was diagnosed with cervical cancer 18 months ago and had an emergency hysterectomy.  Nine months later the cancer re-emerged. Despite chemotherapy and other treatments, it has spread throughout her body.  She and her husband Ray have exhausted the resources here in San Diego but are exploring options at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston and even as far as China and Tel Aviv
It was the last situation they they had envisioned after getting married just 2 and a half years ago.  Now Dana's two children 11 and 8 are in danger of losing their mother to cancer. 
For Ray, it has also been one of the most difficult years of his life.  A month ago he lost his mother to the very same cancer that now afflicts Dana.  "These are the two most important women in my life.  I lost one and I don't want to lose another," said Ray.  "I am doing everything in my power to insure that our two young children have the incredible benefits of not only being raised by their birth mother, but truly one of the most loving and caring mothers and people I have ever met."
Compounding the problem are the expenses of treating the disease.  "Some of these treatments cost $5,500 per dose," he said. "But what choice do we have?" 

The high costs have led the family down the path towards bankruptcy in order to pay for medicine that the couple hopes will save Dana's life.  "All that is reversable.  Losing Dana is not so we're going to do whatever it takes ," he said.
Their only choice now is to ask for help from the community and the public.  Ray has established a bank account where people can contribute money to help pay for medical costs.  Any money left over from the treatment will be donated to the City of Hope organization for cancer research.
Anyone interested in contributing money to help save Dana's life is urged to send money to:
Union Bank of California - Torrey Hills #57  -  in the name of "Dana Adler" Account # 122000496 0571003532

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