Local Cameos Fill New DLOD Music Video

Sweet Tooth's Trevor Barber and more star in Digital Lizards of Doom's 'Tall Glass of Wine'

It looks like Digital Lizards of Doom have a Sweet Tooth and a thing for wine.

The pop culture-themed EDM/alt-rock "experience," composed of Gabriel Valentin and Gallie Fisher, have released a new music video for the song "Tall Glass of Wine," which you can watch below.

The video features Rob Deez, Alt 949 host Dan Brozo and Sweet Tooth's Trevor Barber, who you can catch at our next SoundDiego LIVE if you RSVP for free here.

"This video is absolutely jam-packed with personality and fun -- we are very thankful for ALL THE GUEST STARS who showed up in the studio to goof off with us! We had loads of help and are eternally grateful!" Valentin and Fisher wrote in a press release for the new video. 

Digital Lizards of Doom will be DJing Aztec Brewery's Brew Game Plus on July 13, and you can see them in their fullest incarnation at the Merrow on Aug. 1.

There's nothing cold-blooded about that.

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg is an editor and digital marketer at NBC's SoundDiego. Find out more here.

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