Listen Locally for a (Green) Cause!

San Diego Rock Concert & Fashion Show Benefit

In the glow of Earth Day and because when we have cocktails for a good cause they are better for us, head out to Anthology this Thursday for a International Green Shield benefit, featuring Listen Locally veterans- Vokab Kompany as well as the extraordinary DJ Carlo. Throw in a live fashion show aka Let’s Go Clothing, stunning jewelry and a very reasonable $15 ticket price, sign me up!

The Cause
International Green Shield is a non-profit organization, designed to protect people affected by harsh climates and natural disasters through construction projects that use green technologies.
What makes IGS unique in the sea of non-profiteers?  The genesis of this organization, the officers who run it, and the contributors who fund it; are not the usual suspects in the fundraising non-profit game.
Philip Gilpin Jr., Founder and President of IGS, left his corporate job and emptied his bank account to create IGS in 2008. He along with the officers of this organization are all young adults, foregoing their conventional career paths to pursue this labor of goodwill and humanity. 
They are well-educated, sharp, full of energy and awareness and perhaps most importantly, able to reach the generation that may not be as involved in philanthropy as we want to be at this point in life.  
It’s a fresh approach to getting involved, giving back and contributing to the global community.
Local Players
Vokab Kompany, featured in Listen Locally in February this year, will entertain charitable party-goers with their high energy hip-hop vocals, creative electro beats and live instruments thumping. 
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys put on one helluva show.  This is Vokab’s debut performance as Anthology’s new resident band, so no doubt that extra energy and excitement can be expected.  
Warming up the crowd, quite possibly to the point of a frenzy, will be the talented DJ Carlo. 
Forget about the top 40 tonight people, DJ Carlo’s musical mission is to integrate his own electro-funk flavor with everything from Latin-style smooth grooves to fast-paced disco-esque dance jams. Preview his sexy stilo at
The Locale

Anthology has fast became a local favorite for diverse music shows, housed by sophisticated atmosphere with reputable dining. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hanging at Anthology, come once and you won’t need to be asked to come again.  
It's very comfortable and cool with just the right amount of attitude and they recieve extra cool points for housing this benefit and bringing in great entertainment to ensure the crowd has a great time. 
Because IGS is comprised of the spirited and modern they know how to throw a cool event, fun and energetic with chic sophistication, and need I say again- IT’S FOR A FABULOUS CAUSE! If only every night out could be…..
Purchase tickets BEFORE this event as it will sell out! or on Anothology’s site. Doors open at 9:30 p.m., 1337 India Street between A and Ash.
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