Liam Goes to Washington

Among the thousands of people making the trip to Washington, D.C. for the Inauguration Ceremony Tuesday is 7-year old Liam Brucker-Casey.

The second grader is making the cross-country trip with his family - Anthony Wagner, Janet Casey and little sister Maeve Wagner-Casey.

As part of the journey, Liam and his parents wanted to record video blogs. Liam hopes to interview people around national monuments and parks to gain a better first-hand perspective of the historic event.  His parents will then upload the video to his school as well as here, at
The Wagner family plan to pick up their inaugural tickets in the Hart Building Monday where they hope to talk with some members of teh Senate.
Keep checking back for more installments from Liam's trip to D.C. and send photos or video of how you're celebrating this Inauguration to
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