Lefty's Gets it Right in Mission Hills

Chicago-style pizza place's menu is same, but there's more room to sit.

Goodbye, Phil. Hello, Lefty.

In case you haven't noticed, one of Mission Hills longtime staples, Phil's Barbecue, is gone. Mesquite-grilled baby back ribs have given way to the Italian pies of Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria on Goldfinch Ave.

"Awesome. Another option to walk to. Their hot dogs and sausages rule, too," says a poster on Yelp.com.

The new location will only be open in the evenings for the next week or two, said Shawn Hodson, part owner of the restaurant. It's his brother Lefty and his wife who opened the original Lefty's in North Park about five years ago. There are plans for the second Lefty's to be open for lunch and dinner, but the hours have yet to be determined.

The menu is the same in Mission Hills as at the original's location on 30th Street in North Park, but the second restaurant has more places to sit.

The Goldfinch location is expected to attract a lot of foot traffic from nearby schools, hospitals and homes, adds Hodson.

"We hope it appeals to families, and we are happy to be in Mission Hills, " he said.

By the way, Phil's Barbecue moved to bigger digs as well (in the Sports Arena area).

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